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Who is Andy Feds?

My real name is Brandon Cox Sanford. The name Andy Feds was created as a dedication to my teacher at Hubbard High School, Andy Newman, who became a father figure to me. The last name "Feds" comes from my love of fedora hats. I currently have a collection of over 50 fedoras and counting!

What inspired me?

I was born HIV positive from my HIV positive mother, Lynette. My mom died at age 26, leaving me to be raised by my grandmother. I was inspired by my mom and her bout with HIV/AIDS. I wanted to raise awareness so that the stigmas surrounding HIV/AIDS that affected my mom from getting help, won't affect other people from seeking help or knowing that HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence.

What is the Keep It Positive Movement?

I established a social movement called the "Keeping It Positive" movement, where I use my comedy platform and social media to teach about HIV/AIDS, destroy the stigmas surrounding HIV/AIDS, promote others to avoid making HIV/AIDS a closeted subject, and tell funny life stories of my life with HIV.

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